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Funding Options

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At Quality Life UK, we offer extremely high-quality care and support at a price that represents excellent value for money.

We understand however, that the cost of care is that something that most people have concerns about. Whilst care funding can be a daunting and sometimes complex subject, there are options available. Please do give us a call so that we can discuss your particular circumstances to see how we can help.

Funding Privately

Most of our clients fund the cost of their care privately. We recommend that you seek financial advice about managing your finances so that you can carefully plan how your care funding costs will be met over time. There is a range of options available to you and you may be surprised by the number of solutions which you could benefit from.

Even our privately funded clients are often entitled to certain state benefits which will help meet the cost of their care. Contact us to find out if you qualify.

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Local Authority Funding

Every individual is entitled to have a Care Needs Assessment carried out by their local authority. This is typically conducted by an occupational therapist or a social worker. You can also carry out the assessment yourself.

If your local authority determines that you have a care need, they will carry out a financial assessment, known as a means test, to determine who should pay for that care. Typically, if you have savings and assets worth over £23,250 then you will be required to meet the cost of the care yourself. Where you are receiving care at home, the value of your home is disregarded from the means assessment.

If you are entitled to financial support from your local authority, then the money can be paid into your ‘personal budget’. This means that you or somebody nominated on your behalf can control the money that you receive and decide who provides your care to you.

Please contact us for further information about Local Authority Funding.

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NHS Continuing Health Care Funding

NHS continuing health care funding is available to those who have a disability or complex medical problem which, typically, requires nursing care.

There is no clear cut list of health conditions or disabilities which qualify for funding and all local authorities have different budgets and eligibility criteria. If you believe that you may qualify for funding you should ask your GP or social worker to arrange an assessment.

Unlike Local Authority funding, Continuing Health Care Funding is not means assessed and is based purely on medical need. The value of your assets is therefore not taken into account in the assessment.

If you do qualify for funding then the money that you receive can be paid into your ‘personal budget’ meaning that you have complete control in deciding who provides your care to you.

We have experience of going through the assessment process with our clients and if you would like any further information then please contact us.

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Charity Funding

We are very proud to be the only care agency with access to charity funding through the Blanche Sargeaunt Foundation. This wonderful charity can offer financial support to help make live-in care and night-time care a real option for those who are concerned about care costs.

Find out more and apply for funding:

Learn more Blanche Sargeaunt Foundation
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