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Night Care

We’re with you from the moment you go bed to the moment you wake up, and everything in between.

Care need doesn’t stop when you go to bed. In fact, for some, night-time is when care is needed the most.

Our specially trained carers will be there to ensure that you are safe and comfortable throughout the night helping to ensure that you get the best possible night’s sleep.

Our wonderful team of night carers will be with you throughout the night to attend to your every need, whether that’s supporting you with personal care, helping you to get in and out of bed, toileting or helping you to manage your medication.

Our night-time care staff are always on hand to offer you extra assistance from the moment you go to bed to when you get up in the morning.

Why might I need overnight care?

Night-time care can help in many different ways, depending on your individual circumstances. How your particular night is arranged will be tailored to you but some of the key benefits include:

Companionship in the evening

Support with getting ready for bed

Assistance with medication administration

Help with night-time disturbances and toileting

Changing bed position

Help with getting up, washed and dressed

Breakfast preparation

Starting the day on the right foot

Choose the level of night support that’s right for you

Everybody’s different and that’s why we offer two different types of overnight care service:

Waking Night Care

With waking night care, our professional carer will be awake throughout the entire night. This will enable them to monitor you and your health throughout the night and immediately be on hand to provide any assistance that you require.

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Sleeping Night Care

Our sleeping night carers are there to help you get ready for bed at night and get you up in the morning, They will also be on hand to help with medication and preparing supper and breakfast if required. The carer will sleep in a spare room, providing you with the comfort and reassurance that someone is there should you need them.

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Hours to suit you

Whether you chose waking night care or sleeping night care, you have complete freedom to choose the hours that are right for you. Whether you require support for just the night or the extended evening and morning as well then we can help.

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