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Live-In Care

The care and support we provide gives you the freedom and dignity you deserve.

Most people want to stay living in their own home for as long as possible. Home feels safe and reassuring and is the place where friends and family visit, and the community are there to support you.

Live-in care enables you to remain living in your own home, whatever your circumstances are.

Choosing our live-in care service involves a professionally trained carer living with you and providing round-the-clock care, support and companionship.

It enables you to retain your dignity and independence whilst receiving the support you need to keep you safe and well.

Live-In Care – What’s included


Often the most important role that are carers provide is just to be there for you. A friendly face and someone’s hand to hold sometimes feels like all the medicine you need. All of our carers love to sit, listen, talk and give you the reassurance, happiness and warmth that you need.

Personal Care

Our carers will provide all of the personal care that you require, whilst helping you to maintain your independence and dignity. Help is on hand with all personal hygiene, washing, dressing, grooming and toileting.

Medication administration and management.

Our carers will receive tailored training so that they can assist you with taking medication. Our carers will also liaise with your GP’s surgery and pharmacy to arrange repeat prescriptions.

Medical Appointments

Your live-in carer will help to schedule any appointments which might be necessary such as with your GP, optician or hospital. Your carer will make a careful diary note, make the appropriate transport arrangement and attend the appointment with you should you so wish.

Meal Cooking and Preparation

Your live-in carer will support you with planning your meals for the week, taking into account your dietary requirements, your nutritional needs and your personal preferences. Our carers are happy to take complete responsibility for all the shopping and cooking or to support you with doing these tasks yourself. We always ask our carers to eat every meal with you if this is something you would like.

Domestic and household chores

Our carers will attend to all of the household chores or assist you with doing them yourself if you would prefer. Your live-in carer will take responsibility for all light cleaning as well as washing and ironing of clothes. Our carers are always respectful of your home and will work hard to keep it looking that way you always have.

Having fun!

Life is for living and our carers love helping you to squeeze every possible drop of fun out of it! Our carers will arrange social activities with you and help ensure that you keep in regular contact with your family, friends and local community. Activities are arranged however you would like them to be and might include shopping trips, meeting up with friends, attending church or even going on holiday!

What is Live-in Care?

Live-in care is when a fully qualified carer comes and lives with you in your own home. They provide round the clock care, support and companionship to give you the very best quality of life.

We provide live-in care for individuals and couples living together. Our qualified and experienced carers can help those living with most conditions including dementia, Parkinsons, cancer, stroke and palliative care.

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Our Carers

The really good people are hard to find and that’s why we employ fewer that 10% of those who apply to work with us.

We recognise that the single most important thing that we do is to find the right carers for you.

We have a wonderful team of qualified and experienced carers but what sets us apart from other care agencies is that we recruit new carers for every one of our clients. This means that we can find the right carer for you; someone with the right mix of skills, experience and personality to ensure that you are safe, comfortable, happy and fulfilled in your own home

Meet Our Carers

First and foremost our carers are there to provide the care and support you need but in addition to this, we provide so much more.

Our live-In carers make it possible for you to remain living in your own home, whatever your circumstances are. The care and support we provide gives you the freedom and dignity you deserve.

Frank’s Story

An alternative to a care home

When Frank first developed signs of dementia his sons knew that their Dad wouldn’t be able to continue living on his own for long.

His sons had always promised him that they wouldn’t move him to a Care Home and that’s when they contacted us to find out more about how live-care might be the solution.

Thanks to our help, Frank is still living in the family home. He is determined to squeeze every possible drop of fun out of life and we love helping to do it!

Frank's Story