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Respite Care

We can provide support for a few days, a few weeks or as much as you need.

Respite care is a short-term care solution, usually lasting a few weeks.

It often involves one of our live-in carers living with you to provide all the support and care that you need until you feel ready to go back to your usual routines.

When is Respite Care Needed?

Respite Care can be valuable in many different situations but most commonly we see respite care used to give family members a break from caring or to help with a period of convalescing after an illness, accident or stay in hospital.

Giving family members a break

If your care is currently being provided by a loved one or family member then from time to time they will need a break. A period of respite care will provide many advantages for you and your family including:

Time off allows for batteries to be recharged and for your family members to deal with any issues that may have arisen in their own lives.

Our respite carers can step in and provide the live-in care and support that you need whilst your loved one or family member has some time to themselves.

Knowing that expert care is in place will give your loved ones the reassurance and peace of mind that they need in order to have a proper break and come back to you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Getting you back on your feet

If you are recovering from a period of ill health, an accident or a stay in hospital, you may need some support at home before you feel able to return to your old routines.

Our respite carers will stay with for as long as you need until you’re feeling like yourself again. Our carers will provide all the support you need and help to rebuild your strength and confidence so that you can live independently again.

“The support provided by Quality Life Uk was incredible. Knowing that mum was in such capable and caring hands was immensely reassuring and meant that I could spend more time at home with my own family.”