Live-in Care

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Our live-in carers provide you with the ability to remain living in your own home, whatever your circumstances are. We know just how important this is to you and your family.

Professional care in the comfort of your own home

Live-in care enables you to receive full-time, one-to-one support from a trained specialist carer in the comfort and familiarity of your own home. All of the care provided is tailored to you and your circumstances. Unlike a nursing home, this is because you are the only person that our carer needs to consider. As a result, how your care is delivered each day, what activities are arranged for you and what you eat and drink is determined with just one person in mind; YOU!

Enabling you to do more of the things you love

Living in your own home with your own carer brings many benefits. You will be able to keep to your familiar daily routine and continue doing the things that you’ve always loved to do. Friends, family and neighbours will still be able to pop by whenever they want and your carer can take you to the places you want to go. We understand that pets might also be an important part of your life and a great comfort to you. Our carers can help you to look after them and keep them being part of your family.

Our carers are individually chosen for you

Our carers are individually selected for you. Before we place a carer with you, we take the time to personally meet with you in your home and get to know you. We learn about your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes and what makes you tick. We then find a carer who is right for you. We will ensure that your carer is someone you can get along with, enjoy living with and someone who is going to help give you the best quality of life.

Live-in care for couples

We can also arrange live-in care for couples. We understand that couples who have spent large parts of their lives living together don’t want to be separated later in life when care is required. Our live-in carers can provide support to both of you at the same time and importantly, help you to care and support each other, just as you always have done. Usually, one live-in carer can care for both of you making live-in care a far cheaper alternative than you both residing in a care home.

With you every step of the way

Our head office staff will be with you every step of the way. You and your family will receive regular visits and phone calls from our team to make sure the care you are receiving is right for you. We can make changes at any time to ensure that your every need is met.

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